Planning to Work in Australia?

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Working Visa Australia

People across the globe plan to go to Australia to visit its outstanding natural beauty or to get a job and relocate.  Many are defining Australia as the land of opportunity,  there are many stories of people who have thrived in the country.

In broad and wide terms, there are two main forms and types of working visa for Australia – the Employers Nominated Visa and the Skills Assessed Visa. 

You may find it hard to assess what type of visa suit with their needs. Don’t worry, call our expert team now and we can help you in making the right decision.

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Already Been Offered a Job in Australia?

If you have already got the job, your employer may able to sponsor your own resident visa application. The major requirement is that you must have  work offered by an approved Australian employer. If you are going to get a working visa under this scheme, you will have permanent residency that enables you to do the following things:

  • Apply for citizenship
  • Access to Medicare
  • Study, work and live indefinitely

In other words, you are going to live every day in Australia like an Aussie.

Looking for a Job in Australia?

While it can help you get the job offered, it is not an absolute necessity. If you have got skills that can help in the economic production and growth of the country, you can apply for a working visa. If you have the ability to work for a job under Consolidated Sponsored Occupation Lists or CSOL, you can apply for points-tested skill visa.

Planning to Run a Business or Invest in Australia?

In order to do these things, you will need a Business Innovation and Investment – a Provisional visa Subclass 188. It may sound simple but in any class of working visa Australia, it comes in four variations:

  • Business and innovation: this is for people who want to manage or run a business in Australia
  • Investor: this is for people with at least 1.5 million dollars to invest.
  • Significant investor: this is for people with at least 5 million dollars to invest
  • Premium investor: this is for people with at least 15 million dollars to invest.

Going Australia on a Working Holiday?

If you are aged between 18 to 39 years old, you have a chance to spend a single year in Australia. For you to qualify, you need to show that you can support and raise yourself whilst you are at the country, and ensure you hold a valid passport from a country you came from.

Find out which visa suits with your ability, skills, and needs. We will help you identify what working visa suits you. If things are unclear, you can seek guidance from our professionals. 

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