UK Spouse/Marriage Visa Financial Requirements

There are different categories in order to meet the UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirements. But the main category which is the person who is:

  • based in the UK
  • employed
  • been working in the UK for at least 6 months before the application is submitted

So for that particular category, the person must be earning at least the minimum income threshold of £18,600.

So those are the main requirements for that situation. If there are dependants who are also applying with the main applicant, the amount will increase.

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What if working less than 6 months?

What happens if the person who is based in the UK has only been working for the same employers for less than 6 months?

Now in that scenario the home office will accept the case where the employee was working for a previous employer within the last 12 months. Before the application is submitted. And if they can also show that they were earning at least £18,600 gross per annum from that previous previous employment.

The 2nd test is that they are now working for a different company. Even if it’s less than 6 months but as long as they are showing that they are also earning at least £18,600 gross per annum with the new employers.

What if I’m self-employed?

As long as your meeting the financial requirement as a self-employed person of at least £18,600 gross per annum from the last financial year. And you show your accounts. That will suffice. 

But what happens if the self-employed person did not at least earn e£18,600 gross per annum? But they earned more the year before?

So in that scenario, the home office will accept 2 years worth of financial documents from the self-employed sponsor.

So for instance, if the self-employed sponsor earned £16,000 (let’s say) gross income from the last full financial year. But then in the year prior to that they earned £25,000 gross per annum.

What the home office will do is they will calculate the average from the 2years. And if the average is actually more or less at least £18,600 gross by annum, then the minimum income threshold will have been met.

In that scenario, the minimum income threshold will be met by the sponsor.

The sponsor, however, will have to provide at least two years worth of documentation to the UKVI in support of the application.

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