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UK Spouse Visa

Are you attempting to get permission for the spouse to live with you in the United Kingdom? Have you received a refusal for your Spouse visa application? Are you worried your marriage  visa application questions will be denied? There are two main things to get approved:

  1.  Is to prove your UK sponsor earns £18,600 per year
  2. You have a genuine relationship.

Qualifying for the Spouse visa – 

The applicant must:
  • Pay application fees
  • Pay the healthcare charge 
  • Prove the civil partnership\/marriage is one that is recognised in the UK
  • Have lived together for at least 2 years
  • OR are engaged or a proposed civil partner marrying or entering the partnership within 6 months of arriving in the UK
  • Prove English proficiency
  • Prove ability to financially support themselves and their dependents

The spouse must:

  • Not be in the UK with a temporary visa
  • Be a British citizen OR have ILR OR have refugee status/humanitarian protection in the UK
  • Meet financial requirements 


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FAQ's on Spouse Visa

To sponsor a partner or spouse of yours to arrive to stay in the UK.  The minimum income needed is £ 18, 600 and it was set by the Home Office of the UK in July 2012.

Nonetheless, this had caused a stir all over the country. And it resulted in the United Kingdom high court giving a ruling that this requirement of minimum income was ’unjustified and disproportionate’. Because either the sponsor has British citizenship or is a refugee. The judgment was pronounced in 2013. And from then on the decisions relative to sponsors who do not meet these criteria will be on hold till further notice is given.

​An appeal was filed by the Home Office in the UK against this judgment in the month of March 2014, and the result of this is not yet determined but is pending. As mentioned earlier the amount of money is higher in case the dependent children are sponsored by the sponsor and the amount will increase for every dependent child. Though, it may not relate to the children that have British citizenship.

The average UK Spouse Visa Processing Time is about 4 months.

In very rare cases you could be waiting for about 6 months. And in some instances, it could be up to 8 to 10 months for a decision from the home office. But that’s in very rare cases.

It really depends on the complexity of each case. So in some instances, if the case is straightforward then it can take 3 months. Especially if you pay for the priority visa service. But in other cases, it could take longer than that. Even if you pay for the priority visa service.

So again, it depends on the complexity of each case. I would advise seeking legal advice from an immigration solicitor. Especially if you feel that your case is not so straightforward.

If you are given a letter stating the Spouse Visa was refused. You’ll normally have the right to challenge the decision if you think it is unfair.

Your letter will inform you if you’re eligible for an appeal. You’ll be capable to submit proof if it proves that you had been qualified during the time of your initial request. If you’re already in the united kingdom You need to act quickly so as to appeal the decision or apply for another visa. Overstaying on an expired visas can be very problematic and needs to be avoided.

When you can apply for naturalisation depends on:

  • whether you are married to a British national or
  • you are married to somebody who has indefinite leave to remain or
  • permanent status in the UK.

If you’re somebody who is married to a British national. You can apply for naturalisation as a British citizen pretty much as soon as you get your indefinite leave to remain.

The requirement for that under the British Nationality Act. Is that the person has been in the UK legally for at least 3 years. And out of those 3 years, they’ve had indefinite leave to remain. So hence why you don’t need to wait until you’ve had indefinitely to remain for so long before you can apply for naturalisation.

If you are not married to a British national. Then, unfortunately, you will have to wait at least a year of obtaining indefinite leave to remain before you can apply.

You will then be eligible to apply for naturalisation as a British citizen.

So just to summarise. If you’re married to a British national and you have got indefinite leave to remain. You can apply for naturalisation straight away. As soon as you get to indefinite leave to remain. But if you’re not married to a British national then you’ll have to wait a year of having indefinite leave to remain. And then you can apply for naturalisation.

Spouse Visa applications can be complicated. And utilising the services of an immigration pro is highly recommended.

You need to make sure you meet all the Marriage Visa requirements before you apply. You need to complete the appropriate request forms. And collate your evidence for submission. This may have to be extensive and prove that your relationship is real. You have to also not book your journey before you get a decision on your UK spousal visa application.

Amicus Solicitors has a superb track record with Spouse Visa cases. And our solicitors are experienced in this field.

To apply for a Marriage Visa UK. Get in contact with using the form above. Or call us today on +44 161 434 4448 today for a professional, no obligation advice.

Once you live in the United Kingdom with your partner or partner, you may desire to make your position more permanent.

You can attain this by gaining Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). ILR allows you to settle in the united kingdom permanently without being tied to visa rules. You can apply for this after five decades. Your application will be reliant on you continuing to meet the criteria of your Marriage Visa.

There’s a 10 year route to ILR that has marginally more relaxed anticipation relating to the income threshold. More info on getting ILR.

In a few cases you can get an exemption from the Requirements of finance for a United Kingdom partner or spouse visa. For instance, in case you take a caretaker or have a disability.

As only a few cases exist where you can apply for exemptions. It is better to consult an experienced immigration lawyer to know more is our advice while you may get exemption from meeting up the present threshold on income you need to produce proof that you may be able to satisfactorily maintain your partner/ spouse and/or dependants.

To get acceptance for a partner or spouse visa, you need to give a proof that you can understand and speak English and this is an element of the process of application.

You need to pass the English speaking test that is conducted by an approved test provider if you belong to a country other than the Economic Region of Europe (or Switzerland) which is not an English speaking country predominantly. If one among the approved providers provides your certificate then it has to satisfy this requirement.

​If you have taken a degree in English you don’t have to take the test on English language, as the degree you possess is sufficient proof of the ability of your knowing the English language. If there is no surety on how to get a provider that has been approved for test taking then you can consult one who is specialised in the immigration process and he or she will be the best person to guide you rightly.

To get a TB test done before applying for immigration to the United Kingdom for a period of more than 6 months is necessary for most countries.

​To test for TB is needed not only for partner/spouse visa but also for other categories of UK visa. This test for TB for the UK visa has to be done by a clinic approved by the Home Office. On the website of the United Kingdom government, you can find a list of the approved clinics all over the globe so that you can locate one that is in your vicinity. You need to know that in a few countries the test for TB will have to be performed in some neighbouring country because of the lack of the approved testing centres.

​No. To include the income of the partner or spouse is not allowed in the UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirements. Except when they are living in the United Kingdom (with having a permit to have a job). In this case, the Requirement of finance will be derived from the income of the household. If you find it difficult to meet up the minimum requirement of the income. You can contact an expert team member from our side and then discuss how the changes in the law made recently can assist your application.  

At Amicus Solicitors, we are aware of the importance of being near close to people you love. So we make it a priority to help you get your visa in the quickest time possible. Our team of professional immigration advisers can direct you through every step of the application process to get a Marriage Visa at the united kingdom. Our solutions include:

  • Liaison with you in person
  • by phone
  • Skype at a time which suits you
  • Assessing your eligibility
  • Checking your documents to make sure that they’re enough for your Partner Visa application
  • Ensuring that you’ve proof that your relationship is real
  • Preparing with the Home Office during your application process
  • Tracking your application
  • Keeping in touch with the Home Office throughout your application
  • Completing every part of your form to a high standard

Contact us on +44 161 434 4448 or use the form above to talk with one of our immigration solicitors about your application for a spouse’s visa UK.

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